Santa Monica Polygraph Test Near Me

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Santa Monica polygraph test
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A lie detector exam
in Santa Monica
is typically about
personal matters

Santa Monica polygraph test near me

Santa Monica polygraph
examinations monitor the
examinee's blood,sweat,
and upper & lower breathing.

Part of a
Santa Monica
lie-detector test
is the pre-test
interview, where
it is decided what
questions to use.

Santa Monica polygraph test for the public

Pacific Palisades
test near me

It is the same
Santa Monica
polygraph test whether you pay
one dollar or you
pay a thousand dollars: the computerized
instrument does
not know what
you paid for testing.
As long as the test
is done by a trained and experienced examiner using modern computerized equipment, all follow federal guidelines.

lie detector test in Santa Monica

test near me

Two main things
can reduce the
accuracy of a
Santa Monica polygraph
& being dehydrated.
So: sit still and
be hydrated!

Santa Monica lie detector testing

Venice California
test near me

When writing the
questions for your Santa Monica
lie detector test,
try not to use the
words 'and' or 'or',
or include any
commas. This
is because if you
do include them,
almost always it
should have been
two questions
instead of one.

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Marina Del Rey
test near me

There is a short
time delay
in between
questions in a
Santa Monica
polygraph testing.
This is to let the
body fully calm
down from one
question before
focusing on the
next question.

Culver City
test near me

Behind the scenes:

here is what the
examiner sees
on their computer
screen during a
polygraph exam in
Santa Monica.

No name is needed
for you to have a
FREE consultation
about taking a
polygraph test
in Santa Monica
California. Call
818 883-6969
with any questions

best polygraph in Santa Monica

To prepare for
a Santa Monica
lie detector test,
wash your hands.
Any oil or lotion
on the fingertips
can affect one of
the four main measurements


Your Santa Monica polygraph
examiner will do
the best to work
with your schedule

Santa Monica polygraph examination

Nearby, on Van Nuys
Boulevard, testing
is under $150 if you
are looking for an
even better price

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Santa Monica
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